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"Veloturk Gran Fondo Çeşme"

The "Veloturk Gran Fondo Çeşme" was organized by the Municipality of Çeşme, which is a large participatory amateur road bike competition.

Aristeidis Stavrianos, who participated in the race from Chios Island in Greece at the Gran Fondo Fountain Bike Races, where 837 bikers participated in the short and long track, won the 47 kilometer track.

Aristeidis Stavrianos and Stavros Karatzas degrees in the category of race masters.

Despite being organized for the first time in Çeşme, the event was held on 47 and 100 km long tracks.

The first races held in Kayseri Erciyes in Turkey for the 2nd time in Cesme this year, 86 women and 751 men competed to win the race.