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Lesvos Brevet 2017 "Steffen Streich"

Very dynamic was the presence of Chios at the 200 km Lesvos Brevet 2017 "Steffen Streich" held on May 27, 2017 by the L
They started 54 cyclists at 8:00 am from Mytilene to Eressos and return via Stypia. The distance traveled by cyclists was 200km to 3000 altitudes and ended 51 in 13.5 hours which is the maximum time to cover 200km.
Below we give you the names of the Sanitary Athletes in alphabetical order as you are accustomed to the Brevet.
Vorias N 09hrs14min
Giulis A 09hrs15min
Korderas Δ 10hrs44min
Litsakis A 09hrs31min
Mathioudis Λ 09hrs14min
Mihailidis Th 09hrs14min
Dambos A 12h25min
Papazis Μ 08hrs33min
Paterios Γ 08hrs33min
Prinias A 09hrs21min
Sitaras Π 09hrs31min
Tsakos X 09hrs19min
Chrysafis Χ 11hrs18min
Chitos A 11hrs18min