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Greek Champion Stavrianos in Cup PEPA

The Pan-Hellenic Cup Master, organized by the Cycling Athletic & Amateur Cycling Association, will be completed in 2017 with Chioti Cyclist Aristides Stavrianos of the ALFA Cycling Team finishing first in the C1 ranking among 60 cyclists and crowning champion. The first PEFA Cup race kicked off on March 12 in southern Attica and had thirteen races in total, with the last race being on October 22 in Attica on Ascension Day. Moriorou. The chiotist cyclist finished 10 times in the first place and three in the 2nd place and in total he collected 268 points. In the PEFA Cup he participates for the 5th year with the other four finishing third three times and his first time 5th.

Aris will not stop his fights since Saturday 28 October will run on the ascent of Mount Hymetus and Sunday at Parnitha ascent, while on 5 November he will travel to Turkey at the Cesme granfondocesme.com (last year's finish) where he will take part 1000 cyclists along with him will run and other Chinese cyclists.

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