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The foundation of our association


The Association

The foundation of our association

The foundation of our association.

Let's go back a few years when little -siga some friends and acquaintances hailing from Chios, began timidly -deila to walk in the beginning, to walk and to run then until we have gained the ability to run and laity health struggles. Before two years the company grew a lot, the occasion of the 2500 years of the Marathon of Athens. From then the data change daily.

In recent years rising health athletes throughout Greece by leaps and bounds, associations established, organized special seminars and competitions of medium and long-haul and ultra distances. Every weekend throughout Greece are 2-7 matches. Athletes - hobbyists runners are from age 18 to over 70. The majority of them are from 35 to 65 years.

Three years ago there were very few runners in each race of 60 -100. Today there are races 300-2000 runners.

Marathon running by 2004 barely 300 Greeks, while in recent years along with the struggles of 5 km and 10 km, Greek runners were 15000.Yparchoun over 50,000 Greek runners who run health struggles.

Based on global statistics run on all marathons in the world 9-10 million runners of which 3-4 million traveling abroad, combining it with a family vacation.

In road racing and triathlon abroad participate from 1 to 100 and Greek runners / triathletes in each race.

The sports tourism has increased dramatically in recent years. Hundreds of health runners running from town to town and from small parties to participate in competitions at home and abroad.

 Our interests have to do with jogging-biking - swimming, combined with the right diet and with many sensitivities to health issues. The initial group decided to establish the club and we are dealing as a hobby by running and triathlon and running in marathons and triathlon competitions in Greece and abroad, we are 54 Chios and from Chios.


The reason for the founding of our Association was a tragic event, the death of our fellow Marathonodromou George PAPADIS Racing was the first of our gang that dealt with large distances. He has run three times the classic route of the marathon, a marathon in Rome and one in Messina. Of course many half marathons and races too many races 20km, 10km away etc.

He was our mentor, advised us, animated, and help us with his knowledge. We ran in many races together and traveled several kilometers. His last fight was on May 1, 2011 in the semi - marathon Flisvos (Posidonius).






The main purpose of our association are: the physical and spiritual development of its members regardless of age. The spread of sports for all, to engage in sport motivated to maintain and improve their health and quality of life (without reaching the limits of human endurance) and developing a better relationship of our members, with natural environment.