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The Days for the Lodioi Games are approaching ...
This year I think they will be even better with more entries
from last year and to small and large swimmers.
For children there is no doubt. With the camp that has been created by
PEKEB and has solved the problems of many young couples
Vrontados (and grandparents), there will be increased participation. The
children have surpassed the two hundred. They have been trained enough in
swimming. I have watched the coaches' effort not
only to teach children to swim but to learn to
swim correctly. Swimming is an event that, if you learn from it
small having the correct bases, swim right a lifetime.
This is how the Lodies will have a great deal of interest this year, not just for them
many participations of children but because, like last year, the second
part of the races is framed by the old athletes of PEKEB, NOX
and Athens.
Last year the Masters fights started at 19.00 and ended around
21.00 with the medal award to the athletes and the award ceremony
to cor. Aleko Kaloudis, old coach and of course veterans
swimmers and swimmers of PEKEB. The participation was 45 men and 20
women (about). This year's participation has surpassed these numbers
by far.
We invite you to register or participate in the Games. Every human
aged 25 and older can participate in the Masters without having
there is a maximum age and without the condition of being
at a specific fitness level. There are thousands
clubs / swim clubs and active members around the world.
From last year's Games, swimmers have excelled
took part in the Panhellenic Winter Games Masters 2018.
So we expect you, those of you who have small or "big" children to
come to the races. You will honor us with your presence. In the
End of the event await surprises. Warfare and Warfare
many other.
This year we plan to honor old athletes as well as him
old coach of PEKEB, Mr. Thanasis Pantelidis.
At the same time, the Ladies races, besides swimming, are framed
from sailing competitions and the youth pole. All this together
give life to the place of Vrontados and keep the Chians tied to me
the sea.
We are waiting for you on 08 August with the good !!