The 3rd Chios Hardstone Trail ,April 29-30, 2023, featuring even more action and a new extended route!

1/17/2023 12:05:00 PM
The 3rd Chios Hardstone Trail is coming on Saturday, April 29th, and Sunday, April 30th, 2023! A brand new demanding route and an additional race day are waiting for you!
The 3rd mountain race of Chios, starting and finishing in Karyes, 6 km from the city center, includes, just like last year, the mountain routes of 23 km, 12 km, and 5 km,
as well as the new extended route of 41 km for mountain lovers!

  1. Saturday, April 29th, 2023
    1. 5 km with an elevation gain of 227 meters.
    2. 12 km with an elevation gain of 670 meters.
  2. Sunday, April 30th, 2023
    1. 23 km with an elevation gain of 1200 meters (HARTA Series 2023 Championship).
    2. 41 km with an elevation gain of 2290 meters (HARTA Series 2023 Championship).

The race is organized by the "Chiosrunning" Sports Association, in collaboration with the Municipality of Chios, the Regional Unit of Chios, and the Legal Entity of Public Law (N.P.D.D.)
of the Municipality of Chios.On Saturday, after the completion of the 5 km and 12 km races, a pasta party will be held. Additionally, as in the previous two events, after the
completion of the 23 km and 41 km races, participants will be treated to a rich feast.It's a unique mountain running festival that has already been honored by renowned
runners such as Dimitris Theodorakakos, Giannis Kourkourikis, Thomas Androutsos, and Asimina Igglezou.

Soon, there will be further updates on registration opening, discounts on ferry tickets, and other parallel cultural events of the race!

Stay tuned!